What is Real Happy Real Healthy?

RHRH is a lifestyle blog to help anyone get the most out of life. Our philosophy is that at any age, anyone can make changes that benefit they way you live, work, play and love. Click here to read our story.

Are you a doctor, therapist or nutritionist?

No. We make no claims at being healthcare professionals. RHRH is based on our own personal experience with what works for us and our personal use of products, supplements, etc. However, we may at times feature healthcare professionals so you can benefit from their knowledge. Remember to always consult your healthcare professional before taking any supplements, or starting a new diet or exercise regimen.

Why do you feature Leisure and Entertainment articles?

Because we believe that maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle should include real fun, recreation and downtime.

Why do you feature pets and pet information at Real Happy Real Healthy?

Pets are like family and it’s important to that they are real happy and healthy because of all the joy and love they bring to our lives.

Why do you include product reviews?

Products of all kinds help to make our daily lives more happy, healthy and livable. RHRH provides reviews of products we actually use, and we’re glad to pass along our knowledge and experience about which products work — and more importantly don’t work!

How can I contribute to Real Happy Real Healthy?

We’re always interested in your input. Please feel free to comment on our blogs or videos. Also, if you’d like to contribute content, please contact us.

Do you really produce your own graphics, music and content for your website and videos?

Yes! My husband and I are webs developers and graphic designers. My husband is also a professional musician & multi-instrumentalist who writes and produces the music for our site.