The healthy benefits of honey are the result of thousands of bees gathering flower nectar, then regurgitating it into a sweet delicious slurry of golden gooey goodness. That may not sound too appetizing, but as everyone knows, It tastes great on or in just about everything. But did you know honey not only tastes great, it has some amazing medicinal properties?

Check out these amazing healthful facts about honey

  • It’s low in moisture and extremely acidic, making it practically impervious to bacteria and microorganisms
  • It’s an anti-inflammatory
  • Used to sooth coughs and improve sleep
  • Can be used on cuts and scrapes as an antibiotic and acts as a debriding agent
  • Honey contains “small amounts of a wide array of vitamins and minerals, including niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc
  • Can help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms
  • Helps metabolize alcohol, reducing hangovers
  • Has been shown to boost memory function
  • Makes a great fuel for work outs and physical activity

Different types of honey

There are over 300 honey varietals in the United States, each having its own taste and characteristics. As a general rule, the flavor of lighter colored honeys is usually milder, and the flavor of darker colored honeys is stronger. It’s fun to try different honey types. My personal favorite is black sage honey. It’s absolutely delicious and doesn’t granulate.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing and consuming honey is to know the difference between pasteurized and non-pasteurized honey. Pasteurized honey is most often found in your local grocery store. The clear golden color is a tip off, containing no traces of pollen. It also lacks the beneficial vitamins and enzymes of the non-pasteurized version. I prefer non-pasteurized honey due to its enhanced healthful properties.

There are also medical-grade honey-based products for the management of wounds and burns. Some medical-grade honey products contain Active Leptospermum Honey, a unique honey from New Zealand that has beneficial plant-derived properties. The dressings can be used in all phases of wound healing and could be considered a key dressing for any wound.

So, as you can see, honey is a real super food and super healthful for a variety of other applications. Just remember, honey does contain a lot of calories (one tablespoon contains about 60 calories). And be mindful that honey shouldn’t be given to children under twelve months old since it contains a bacterium that causes infant botulism.